A valentine’s day gift to myself

I was incredibly busy with stuff last week, and sadly, none of it involved fiction writing, which is probably why I completely forgot that my favourite author in the known universe released a book last week.

blackwolvesClearly too much stress is bad for my memory.

Wen wrote the rough draft of this on FB, as a gift to her fans. Not only did she show off how her mind produces story ideas, but also showed her methods for structure, plot, and editing. All of us fans loved every single post*. Eventually her publisher saw it and decided to publish it. Anyway, if you enjoy urban fantasy with lots of humour, intelligence, fast-paced action, and interesting characters (and don’t mind a bit of violence), go buy this book.


*If you want to see all the writing-process stuff, mostly in order, join Baen’s Bar, go to the Tinker’s Dam forum. One of Wen’s fans posted all the FB links. For some bizarre reason FB itself sucks at getting things in chronological order.


EDIT: I just wanted to add, for Wen Spencer fans, this book has more of a ‘young adult’ feel than her regular novels. She’s exploring something through one of the characters, and I think the intention is to have lots of fun with him when he finishes with his ‘babyhood’.


Books I did not love #1

Oh, the books I have not loved! I wish I knew why they niggle at my brain, annoying me over and over again whenever I’m reminded of them. It’s like a literary earworm, a never ending source of annoyance.

And there’s been more than a few, I’m afraid, which made figuring out which one to start with a bit hard. However, I decided to play it ‘safe’, and went with Twilight (mostly the books, somewhat the movies).

But first, a caveat.


A cave-cat. Get it?

Now, on to Twilight.

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