Brainz, brainz….

I’m in desperate need of a functional one.

I haven’t been posting again, mostly because I can’t figure out what the hell I want to write this year. The stories with complete plot lines aren’t sizzling for me, and while I’ve had a plethora of plotbunnies hit me in the last week (okay, only 3, but that’s still a lot for me), they’re all just vague concepts at this point.

It’s tempting to pants it this year, but I already know that I can’t actually do that (oh the bitter failures). Wah, I just want to find something, get organized, and start typing at the stroke of midnight next Tuesday!

Only six more days till I have to start this party, and I have no idea what I’ll do!

Nano Prep – Oct. 9

I’ve been putting off nano stuff because well, I’m feeling a bit anxious, but also because I’ve been splitting my attention between a lot of different things lately, so it’s taken till today to finally sit down and look at what to write this year.

A part of me says I should finish that one goddammed novel I’ve worked on thru two nanos. I’m 70% done the rough draft, after all. But I’m leaning toward ‘no’. I am hoping to hit that some time after nano, when I need to write but can’t stand to look at this year’s nano project another second.

Instead, my real interest is in starting something fresh; that is, something I haven’t written a word of before. Which still leaves me with plenty of choices. I’ve got a large crop of plot bunnies running around, so this might take a while, and I’ve only got so much time to prep before November!

I didn’t mean to take a month off

Given that this is a blog dedicated to my thoughts and feelings about writing, while I’m writing, it really isn’t all that surprising that when I took a break , I had no real impetus to blog, either.

That isn’t to say that I didn’t think about writing; I’ve spent a fair bit of time thinking about various stories, refining some, extending others. But all of it’s been in my head, so yeah, no writing, no blogging.

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Nothing to say

I wish I could tell you all about all the work I’ve been doing editing. I really really do. All that has actually been happening is boring, and occasionally shitty, regular life stuff.

The most interesting things to happen in the past week:

  • I cleaned a bathroom (this may have been a highlight of my weekend)
  • Someone called in to work asking to speak to Dave. We have no Daves.
  • Someone in the office set their password to ‘chicken’ for a day
  • Teen mini-crisis made me arrive half an hour late for work
  • Watched my youngest cry because their hair was frizzy

See? BORING. You’d think such depth of dullness would have me writing or editing out of sheer desperation. Sadly, this is not the case.

May 16, 2016

I spent the weekend doing intensive cleaning stuff about the house, which should tell you a bit about how boring it’s been, not writing.

And yet, I don’t really want to write just now. It’s not that I don’t have ideas, it’s just the thought of putting them down makes me want to run away screaming. So, no writing.

However, it occurred to me today, that I could dabble with some light editing again. I’ve got the next chunk of my Sons of Eld written, and though I need to go back and whip up a scene to add to an earlier chapter, the rest of it is mostly just cleaning up the rough draft I’ve already got. It’s not polished, and even the light fixes I have in mind won’t change that; the story needs a serious going thru, start to almost-finish, and I can already see entire bits that are going to have to be redone.

But that’s for later, or possibly never, lol. For now, I can ignore the glaringly obvious flaws, bypass the bits that don’t really work, and just clean it up so I can finally post it to Wattpad.

盗贼 by zhang bo


The perfect distraction

Is thinking up a new story. Because having dozens and dozens of unwritten story ideas already waiting isn’t enough, lol.

A good friend recommended Sarah Addison Allen, and despite the fact that I was only looking for something to read till the next time one of my fav authors put out a new book, I got hooked, lol. Reminds me of Practical Magic, though Allen has her own flavour.

And now I can’t get the whole style out of my head. I keep thinking of character ideas, which is unusual for me; usually I start with a scene, and then figure out the characters as I play with the idea. Now I have characters, and am trying to work out the story!

I’m really, really tired of writing my current story. Three more days and I can run away!