I have a cold. My ears are plugged (thanks congestion) and my brain is full of cotton. I am not writing, because I can’t think. Stupid cold.

I’d toss in a video, but my ears are blocked up, and I can’t really hear all that well, so have a kid friendly language learning site:


Mood Music

I’ve already mentioned that I tend to listen to the same two albums over and over again, but that’s not the entirety of my writing music. I find that while those particular albums can transport me into ‘writer mind’, I still have to mix it up a bit, or I’d get bored.

The rest of what I listen to is very eclectic. I’ve got playlists for ‘fun’, ‘combat scenes’, and other moods, though I rarely name them very well, and so randomly selecting a playlist can be interesting. I also go to sites like jango or accuradio, and select stations that might suit what I’m looking for. It’s very hit or miss, but occasionally I hear something that I also end up buying, so occasionally it’s worth it.

My main thing I’ve found, for mood music to go with my writing, is that it’s best if it’s something I’ve heard before. Nothing can take you out of a scene like falling in love with a song and wondering who the artist is! And jango throws in songs by amateur artists, of various levels of talent, and let’s just say that it can be a tad jarring*.

I find I write better to moody music than happy stuff. No idea why. Have an a cappella version of Creep that most people hate.


*Almost none of the songs actually match the playlist style. I’ll have set up electronic to play, and will get into my writing and BAM, there’s suddenly someone playing a harmonica in a Caribbean style.

Halloween movies

I was reminded of favourite ‘halloween’ movies that I watched as a child (usually rented on VHS!), so I thought I’d share some of them here.

Actually, this trip down memory lane has led me down a rabbit hole of really weird 80s movies I’ve seen, so I’m gonna include a couple that weren’t specifically watched at Halloween, but were definitely a part of my late kid/early teen years. And I’m not including all the B&W dracula/frankenstein/wolfman movies, because that’d make this list far too long!

Chapter 2 is up @ Wattpad

I decide that, errors and all, I would keep posting chapters; better to have it up, I guess, than to keep holding onto it.

So, with no modifications, no corrections and absolutely no editing, the next chapter is up at Wattpad.

****EDIT: I tweaked bits of chapter 2, including a name change; in the rush of nanowrimo, I’d forgotten what I’d named her elder brother and switched it. It’s now fixed to match the rest of the story.