Stupid wordpress is stupid

So for some reason, if I try to use the easy link between partially written drafts, WP crashes. That’s why I’m posting so god dammed slow. It’s hard to follow up on an idea for a post if the bloody software keeps freezing, and I keep forgetting to go back to the ‘home’ page to avoid this.

I like WYSIWYG and point-and-click, dammit!



Fangirling a little: Anne Bishop news

HEA gets to unveil the cover of book five in Anne Bishop’s Others series, Etched in Bone, which arrives in March 7, 2017. AND an excerpt! About the book: After a human uprising was brutally put down by the Elders—a primitive and lethal form of the Others—the few cities left under human control are far-flung.…

via Exclusive cover reveal and excerpt: ‘Etched in Bone’ by Anne Bishop — Happy Ever After

April 11 & 12 2016

April 11 – I did some writing, got to 9728/25000.

April 12 – I got absolutely no writing done. Between having to talk with people I prefer to avoid, and finding a new author to appreciate*, I actually forgot to write! Like, I was getting ready for bed and suddenly realized I’d completely forgotten about nano. Completely. I blame the book I was reading, lol.


*Sarah Addison Allen. Her style’s feels like a blend of Alice Hoffman and Jennifer Crusie.

Mar. 17, 2016

Quick aside – happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who celebrate it. When I was little and in primary school, it was a fun day, everyone wore green, and we got to colour in sheets with shamrocks and leprechauns. But by the time I was twelve or thirteen, it stopped making sense. There was exactly one kid in the class who had any Irish ancestors, and it kind of seemed weird to have a day to celebrate one nationality (and one that was a tiny minority in the area), but none for the ones that were better represented. These days, it’s just an excuse to drink green beer, lol.