A valentine’s day gift to myself

I was incredibly busy with stuff last week, and sadly, none of it involved fiction writing, which is probably why I completely forgot that my favourite author in the known universe released a book last week.

blackwolvesClearly too much stress is bad for my memory.

Wen wrote the rough draft of this on FB, as a gift to her fans. Not only did she show off how her mind produces story ideas, but also showed her methods for structure, plot, and editing. All of us fans loved every single post*. Eventually her publisher saw it and decided to publish it. Anyway, if you enjoy urban fantasy with lots of humour, intelligence, fast-paced action, and interesting characters (and don’t mind a bit of violence), go buy this book.


*If you want to see all the writing-process stuff, mostly in order, join Baen’s Bar, go to the Tinker’s Dam forum. One of Wen’s fans posted all the FB links. For some bizarre reason FB itself sucks at getting things in chronological order.


EDIT: I just wanted to add, for Wen Spencer fans, this book has more of a ‘young adult’ feel than her regular novels. She’s exploring something through one of the characters, and I think the intention is to have lots of fun with him when he finishes with his ‘babyhood’.


Stupid wordpress is stupid

So for some reason, if I try to use the easy link between partially written drafts, WP crashes. That’s why I’m posting so god dammed slow. It’s hard to follow up on an idea for a post if the bloody software keeps freezing, and I keep forgetting to go back to the ‘home’ page to avoid this.

I like WYSIWYG and point-and-click, dammit!


Jan. 13, 2016

I spent my writing time tonight working on blog posts (which still aren’t finished) instead of writing. I regret nothing! Well, probably nothing. I mean, I really should write my stories, not just blather on in future, unfinished, blog posts that you can’t actually read yet.

And I did really plan to write, but this one post is taking forever, so I used up a huge chunk of time on it.


With any luck, I’ll finish them up tomorrow, and start posting them, which will give me plenty of free time to write. Right?

Aslan – Chronicles of Narnia by Devoratus


2015: a review of my blogging

I was going through some posts, looking to see if I could find if I’d mentioned a specific book before*, when it struck me that I sure had a lot of posts. The actual thought that popped into my head was, quite honestly, “Holy fuck! I only started this blog in July; how the hell did I manage to post so much?!!?”

Most of my blogs start off with the best of intentions; I’m going to post every day! I’m going to keep track of things! But the reality was more along the lines of one or two posts in a month before I got distracted by all the shiny things on other websites. And then I’d forget about the blog, only to recall it every October, when I might make a single post about how happy I was to be doing nanowrimo, lol. And then I’d start a new blog, with new good intentions, which generally ended with me ignoring it after I’d found a theme I liked.

Of course, those blogs were more random musings, which was probably as boring for me to write as it would be for others to read. This is the first blog where I actually picked specific subjects to blather on about.

I’m too lazy to figure out how to actually count my posts’ words**, but with 185 posts in six months, guesstimating 200 words on average per post gives me 37,000. And I’m probably under estimating words; I’m a chattering fool.

Holy shit. 37,000 words. That’s close to 75% of nano novel. Add in my July nano of 25,000, my actual nano novel, plus all the scenes I’ve written since then, and I’m over 110,000 words for this year. Let me say it again. Holy shit.


I didn’t write anything before July, which was the kick in the pants that actually got me blogging again; I wanted to put down my thoughts about writing, whine about not writing, boast about actually getting words down on the page, moan about anxiety, and have a bit of fun. I wanted to find a way to get myself to write outside of November.

I have to say, it’s been working. Looking forward to keeping myself entertained and writing for 2016!



*I’m positive I mentioned Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier in a post, but can I find it? Nope.

**I will no doubt spend the rest of my life judging my writing by wordcount. Thank you, Nanowrimo!

Jan. 4, 2016

Wow, is it really four days into the new year? Seems like nanowrimo was just yesterday!

I’m focusing on finishing blog posts again, as I figure that a blog post is *almost* as good as story writing. Help would be nice; if there’s any tropes, genres, books you think I should rant or rave about, that could really help. I’ve got my own ideas, but inspiration is always nice!

And I’m very annoyed with myself; there’s a book sitting in my brain that I read and partially loathed, but I can’t remember it’s name! I refuse to diss a book if I can’t even remember the name or who wrote it; that’s just rude.

I think I’ll probably also balance out the book rants with a few raves. Sort of keep myself from dwelling too deeply in snarky negativity, which would probably get into my own writing, and then where would I be? Dissing my own stories, that’s where.

Have some more art, as I seemed to have stopped finding nice pics after nano finished; gotta make up for that, pronto!

Fusion by rajewel.


Give me something to sing about


I’m trying to decide what series of things to post about next; it’s good to have a subject, or a concept. I’ve written tonnes about NaNoWriMo, it’s sort of the heart of what I blog about. And anxiety, but that’s sort of a ‘here’s where I’m at’ kind of thing or random thoughts I’ve had on the subject.

Serial things I’m still doing: fav/hated tropes (they’re usually both at the same time, lol), finishing my nano memoirs, things that derail my plot, and things that distract me.

Adding for sure: reports on what I’m learning about the art of editing, now that I’m finally starting to dabble in re-writing rough drafts.

Tempted to write about: books/series I hate and why. Not sure if I will do this, as only some of my loathing has to do with literary reasons; some things I am irritated by are quite well written, but I hate them for other reasons.