I read a lot of stuff. Some of it I love, some I hate, some are just a way to pass the time. This is about the stuff I really, truly, didn’t like, and for fairly specific reasons.


So here is my disclaimer:

I am going to, at some point or another, diss someone’s favourite book/movie. I am not doing this to hurt feelings, or make everyone also hate this book/movie. I am doing this because like most of us, I get irritated by things in my media and I want to rant a bit about why I didn’t like it.

I won’t rant about the truly mediocre books; at least, not individually. I’ll rant about popular stuff that failed to entertain me because I get frustrated when I think that it could have been great (in my grumpy opinion) and instead was ruined by stupid bits.

You do not have to read my rants. You definitely don’t have to agree with my POV. You may feel I am being terribly unfair to your favourite; that’s fine, but I really don’t care. This isn’t a conversation, this is me ranting about something that peeves me. I want you to keep loving your favourites; I just want to vent about what I didn’t like about it at the same time.

So let me rant about the book, and if it bothers you, don’t read it. I will always put a link to this disclaimer in the post, and the rant itself under a ‘read more’ cut.