What I did on my summer vacation

I actually did get a week of vacation this summer, but mostly all I did was hang out with family, eat great food, and drink. I did manage to get half a page of handwritten stuff done during that week, so I’ll call it a success.


Sadly, not my cat

Over the summer break from the critique group, I decided to take the time to figure out what I really wanted to get out of the group, and then go from there. I love the feedback I get, and the constructive suggestions, but the problem lay in the fact that all I have are long, incomplete novels to hand over. Some of it is fine, but some of it… not so much.

My novels aren’t quite dumpster fires, but they do need to be a) completed and b) go through a rough edit before hitting the critique group.


It just seemed like too much work, so I let my brain wander for a bit. After a few weeks, it occurred to me that one possible solution was to focus on writing shorter stories, which would be faster to finish and easier to rough edit before handing them over. I had been feeling really bad about showing them stuff and then never letting them read more; it seemed like a tease. Writing a comparatively short story, on the other hand, would be far more satisfying for everyone.

The only drawback – I haven’t written short fiction in twenty years. Ugh.

I’m really good at blathering on, not so good at brief. In fact, I’m not sure this will end up as a true short story, the wordcount might go to novelette or novella length.  So, fingers crossed, and I hope this experiment goes well! I’ve got approximately 1500 words written so far, and with any luck I’ll have enough rough edited for October’s meeting.



I’m back


I know, gone for ages, no word, no nice chats about writing, plotlines, anxiety, etc. Sorry not sorry. But I’m going to try and be back properly, and not just because NaNo is on the horizon.

I didn’t really intend to disappear off wordpress without a word, but distractions abounded and I not only wasn’t writing, I didn’t even want to think about writing. Part of this came from trying to figure out what to bring to the local critique group.

My writerly modus operandi is to do a bulk writing fest (such as during NaNoWriMo) and then never look at it again. This didn’t work for the group (surprise!). Not only were they giving me excellent advise on my writing, which meant I had to do re-writes on the rough drafts I’d been presenting, but I actually had to have the next bit ready to go for the same review. All too often, the next bit either wasn’t written, or didn’t fit the new direction I was inspired to go from the critique.

So, not really fun, and a bit stressful. I was thrilled when the group took the summer off, because it meant I could reevaluate what the hell I was doing, and maybe even get my act together before we met again in the fall.

Another reason I wasn’t blogging is because I was going through a hermit phase. Other introverts will understand; all I wanted to do was shut off the world, listen to music, and read fluff. Which is exactly what I did.

Final reason (not that I really need reasons): the few times I did want to blog/diarize, it wasn’t about writing. That stuff got posted on my personal blog, which has nothing to do with writing and isn’t something I share with anyone, mostly because I don’t see why anyone other than me would be interested in hearing me whine or humble brag.

So that’s why I’ve been gone. Fortunately, I’m feeling the itch again, so hopefully I’ll get back into the habit of regular posts.