Nano, Nov 8 – 15

The 8th – I finally get in the flow. Nothing much happens, but I sure write about it. I finally catch up. It helps that I wrote at work during lunch; who needs to get out and go for a walk?

The 9th – Another excellent day. I knew where I wanted to go, and actually managed to get there.

The 10th – I wrote one sentence. 😦

The 11th – I made up for screwing around on the 10th, and wrote enough for both days. A lot of it made me cringe, but it got written.

The 12th – Lots of snippets rather than a linear progress. Doesn’t matter, I made the day’s word goal.

The 13th – I finally got to another section I was looking forward to. Maintaining pace, yay!

The 14th – same section, still having fun. Still on track for word count.

The 15th – still in this section, am thinking editing is gonna suck, but oh well. Nano!


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