Nano, Nov 16 – 21

The 16 – 18 – These all blend together, as I’m still on the Same. Dammed. Section. But I know what I’m supposed to be writing, which is  a big plus. Really going to have to go back and make the previous section longer, though, for balance. Whatever.

The 19th – Finally finished that section, though the story’s kinda wobbly. Oh so ready to move on.

The 20th – Okay, this ending of the section is really dragging on. Not sure why.

The 21st – Ever had a day’s writing go horribly, horribly wrong? The characters did the Wrong Thing. Now I have to rewrite it, which is what I get to do today (I haven’t started the day’s writing, and it’s 7pm here). Ugh. Now I know why even the stuff I wrote on the last two days felt wrong. At least I know what I want to change the story to, which works much better with the story arc anyway. Thank all the gods that rewrites count in NaNo.

Never, ever, delete.


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