Nano 2016 – Nov. 1

So I haven’t been posting about all the nano prep I’ve been doing because there was nothing to post about.

I kept picking a plot, and then abandoning it, over and over again. Dithering over what I wanted to write, right up until almost midnight last night. I couldn’t bear to be up and unable to write, so I had a last bit of Halloween chocolate and went to bed, still without a story.

Today at work, I took another look at my list of story ideas, not quite in despair, though I did visit a few plot generators (not overly helpful at the moment). I gave up on the plotted stories and ran through the ones without any real depth, and finally, one peaked my interest.

Or rather, I took the idea and shifted it a bit, let it roll around in my head till something started to take shape. I’ve been feeling a lot distracted, lately, and kind of gloomy, so I picked one that seemed to fit.

So for good or for ill, I’ve got an idea for Nano. No real plot, vague character ideas, and only a bit of clue about where the story should go. Not the way I like to go into November; not even a little bit! I hate pantsing, and yet that’s what I’m doing. Letting the story do it’s own thing, and screw the elements of proper story telling.

I’ve started writing, and am very much behind, thanks to the lack of an outline combined with trying to feel my way along. Still, it could be worse; I could be stuck with full out writer’s block and staring at an empty screen.



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