Nano Prep – Oct. 9

I’ve been putting off nano stuff because well, I’m feeling a bit anxious, but also because I’ve been splitting my attention between a lot of different things lately, so it’s taken till today to finally sit down and look at what to write this year.

A part of me says I should finish that one goddammed novel I’ve worked on thru two nanos. I’m 70% done the rough draft, after all. But I’m leaning toward ‘no’. I am hoping to hit that some time after nano, when I need to write but can’t stand to look at this year’s nano project another second.

Instead, my real interest is in starting something fresh; that is, something I haven’t written a word of before. Which still leaves me with plenty of choices. I’ve got a large crop of plot bunnies running around, so this might take a while, and I’ve only got so much time to prep before November!


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