Sept. 17 – Day 3

Well, I didn’t jump right into plot-lining like I thought I would. I’d kind of hoped I’d get the nano vibe going, and pound out words, but for two days I pretty much completely forgot about it.

So to make up for it, I outlined two stories today, and will do two tomorrow so I will be caught up.

Outlining without the spark of current inspiration is as hard as I thought it would be. I know a lot of the story I pick, but actually laying out the structure of it? Like plucking stray hairs.

Still, I’ve got two down, more or less, and I’ll get two more done tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty happy with that.


Because I can

I’ve been procrastinating on my goal of writing out basic outlines, so I’m giving myself a deadline/crazy schedule. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to do one outline a day till the end of the month. So, the 15th – 30th, which is technically 16 days, but I’ll stick with a goal of 15 outlines. Hey, I’m the one making the rules, right?


The Mighty Outline, Part 2

Oh, that sad little stack of scenes. Not enough ideas to make a story, but the original thought that sparked the idea of it is just too good to let go.

I have so many of these! The main issue with these is that they need to be written to see if further ideas can be built on the original idea. An actual outline might, or might not, be useful here. I tend to deal with these stories in one of two ways.

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The Unhermitting*

While one month off seemed like a lot, apparently I needed more. More isolation, more privacy.

So I avoided anything remotely online; I stopped reading blogs, stopped reading 90% of my email, just plain stopped.

And it was delightful. I read books, lots and lots of books**. Story ideas, both new and old, would randomly pop into my head and I could just let them reveal themselves at their own pace. I daydreamed. I relaxed. To get all poetical, I reconnected with my muse and refilled my creative well.

So now it’s September, and I feel ready to write again. I’m looking forward to NaNoWriMo again, as well as whatever sparks my fancy between now and then. I can read the backlog of posts from my favourite blogs, reconnect with the wider world again, without feeling burnt out.

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*Hermiting/unhermiting aren’t verbs, but they should be. But should it be hermitting or hermiting? This is a serious question!

**Too many books, according to my elibrary system; it kept telling me I had checked out and returned too many books in too short a time.