Doing it one outline at a time

So, now that I’m trying to think outside of the Nano box, I’ve decided to start small, and create outlines for each of my stories. I’m going to look at each one and scribble info down; either it’ll turn into a complete outline or it’ll show it needs some more brain-simmering time. It’s not writing, but it’s a step in the right direction, I think.

Writing outside of Nano give me a lot of anxiety, just one of those fun little aspects of life. It’s like stepping onto a rooftop and realizing it’s covered with fog and I can’t see the edges. But outlining gives me a lot less stress; it makes it feel like I’ve got some direction, rather than just floating, or falling, away.

On to the outlines.

So far I’ve done up two outlines for older stories, and it’s fascinating how much I remember of the original idea, but also how much I could see that needed tweaking. Though I’m only doing very simple outlines, I’m already creating better flow, and solidifying weak points that I hadn’t realized existed. I also have a more experience now of how a story arc should go, which helps a hell of a lot.

I’m also finding myself reinvested in writing the stories, now that I’ve been reminded of the vivid scenes I imagined, with new, clearer ideas added in. I was kind of afraid the old idea would be complete junk after a few* years sitting unwritten, but they actually have something.

10, quick practice by Miles-Johnston



*A few years, hahahaha. I dunno, does a decade count a as a ‘few years’?


3 thoughts on “Doing it one outline at a time

  1. A lot of fiction writers swear by outlines. In fact I think most use them. It forces you to see the bigger picture and not get as tangled up. It’s like having a map for your trip. At least that’s what they say.

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