June 20, 2016

So I’m starting to feel a bit of interest in the July NaNo camp. Like, I read something that reminds me it’s coming up, and I actually feel a bit like it might be fun.

Part of my hesitation has less to do with an underwhelming amount of enthusiasm, and more about trying to break myself of the ‘writing only during NaNo’ habit. Writing seems to be a bit of a seasonal event with me, where I only write during NaNo. For years, I only wrote during November, barring the occasional attempt at blogging.  Doing the summer camps has increased my output, no question, but it’s still a seasonal thing, merely extended by a couple of months.

And I want more than that. I want to write, outside of NaNo, an entire novel. I want to edit that rough draft. I want to put it together so I can have a bound book sitting on my shelf, with my name* on it. And I want to do this over and over again, till I’ve got a whole bunch of my stories out of my head and onto the page.

I want to not need NaNo. I want to master the ability to sit at my computer and produce words. I want to have NaNo be the month I have fun with writing, and not be the only time I get shit done.


*Well, sort of my name; I want to use my pen name, as I rather like the one I came up with.


4 thoughts on “June 20, 2016

  1. In the end, the NaNo events are just a helpful tool. If they’re not working for you or make your writing a seasonal event, it’s okay not to use them.

    Perhaps thinking about what excites you about NaNoWriMo would give you an idea of what could motivate you on non-NaNo months? My monthly wordcounts have been boosted considerably once I realized that I loved word crawls and sprints, then found other avenues for them.

    Whether you NaNo or not, good luck!

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  2. I hear you. I so hear you. I’ve actually found the Camps good for that very thing – it’s helping me learn to write outside of November Nano at a reasonable, sustainable pace (November Nano always stresses me out). I’m just in the process of discovering what writing without NaNo could actually look like for me. Interesting journey.

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  3. I couldn’t agree ore, it tends to run that way for me too. I will usually have periodic bouts of poductivity outside of Nano, but the vast majority of my work is done during those 3 seperate months. This year I’m trying new ways to get out of that habit- joining a few writing groups (mainly on facebook because I have no clue where else to look), and starting my blog. Both have helped a lot. Cheers to your adventure- perhaps we will both figur it out one of these days. 😀 If you ever need a writing buddy for post-nano moral support- feel free to say hi!

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