To (camp)Nano or not to Nano

July is on the horizon, and I still  haven’t decided if I’m going to do it or not. Or if I do, will I write or edit?

May was sucky for writing OR editing, and so far June isn’t looking any better. Editing has not happened, which is a big part of why I haven’t been blogging. Part of it is that I don’t know a lot about editing, so my anxiety flares up and I don’t do it. The other part is that I’ve been taking on stuff in real life that makes my free time less ‘free’, so I tend to excuse not writing during my far more limited extra time as mental health time to play online games instead.

I’m not even sure if what I need to do to my partial rough draft (the thing I was posting onto Wattpad) is even editing, exactly. Mostly I want to go back over my work and proofread, cleaning stuff up, rewording bits here and there, but generally leaving it alone. I eventually will have to fix it properly, but I posted it to share something with friends, and I’d kind of like to get more of it up. I’d also like to finish it, lol.

Add in the zillion stories I’ve got partially written (okay, it’s more like 20) and I’m feeling a bit lost.

I’m not exactly looking forward to July at this point, though I couldn’t exactly tell you why. Do I want to write? Kinda. Do I want to do July nano? Eeeee.

5 thoughts on “To (camp)Nano or not to Nano

  1. “Go back over my work and proofread, cleaning stuff up, rewording bits here and there,” that’s pretty much what “editing” means for me as far as my own stories are concerned. I read them over, fix up all the cringe-worthy Nanoisms, then turn them into epubs, load them on my Kobo, and pretend they’re someone else’s stories to see if I still like them. Then I might, or might not, go back to step one, rinse and repeat.
    One thing to keep in mind re. Camp: you could choose the lowest word count (10k), and for editing, you can count 1hr editing as 1k words… I know, it’s totally wimpy compared to real NaNo, but hey, I didn’t make those rules. So it can be a lot less stressful than writing, but you still make progress on your stories, which is encouraging.

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