The Real Deal: Part 2

There’s something so tempting about putting people I dislike into a story.

I mean, if you’re anything like me, the habits of an annoying person can haunt you for hours, if not days. You can moan to your friends about it endlessly, while they commiserate and share their own horror stories.

But I’ve rarely done it (put them in stories that is; I’ve whinged about assholes plenty of times!). The reason for that is simple; I’d rather not immortalize someone I detest. I don’t want to give them even that much of a share of my talent (so modest of me, I know).

Instead, I think of the elements I didn’t like in various people to help flesh out my villains and obnoxious bystanders, making them into someone ‘new’. Constant lateness, a constant conversation about bowel movements, petty narrow-mindedness, all get brewed together to make a gormless victim of the killer cultists invading the main character’s small town (or whatever it is the villain is doing this time).



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