The Kitten Report: June 29

Jiji poopy

Playing with filters to get the prettiest kitteh.

Things look peaceful, but that’s just a lucky pic! Poor boy has been going through bouts of diarrhea, which means lots of cleanup and lots of unhappy squeaking as he gets wiped down over and over again.

Sigh. I’m reminded of why we usually adopt adult cats!


Renewing the love

Something I hadn’t expected has been happening as I’ve worked on outlines. Well a couple of things, including that it’s taking a lot longer than I had expected (but that one’s par for the course).

No, the big surprise I’ve had with outlining? Falling in love with my stories all over again.

After years of living with the shape of the story in my head, it’s easy to forget that there was a reason I wanted to write it in the first place. Sort of like marriage, actually, only without the dirty laundry and arguments over who’s fault it was that the cat puked on the bedroom carpet. So really, it’s better than marriage*.

Writing out the steps of the story, being reminded of just how awesome the plot and characters are, has been a real pleasure. Before I started on this little project, the idea of outlining just seemed like a nifty thing to do. Figure out which stories are fully developed, which ones aren’t, and which ones are just nifty ideas that should find a home in another story. But it’s been much more meaningful than that. Outlining is not just an intellectual exercise, but a reminder of why I love to write.


*Lol, your mileage may vary, naturally.

Doing it one outline at a time

So, now that I’m trying to think outside of the Nano box, I’ve decided to start small, and create outlines for each of my stories. I’m going to look at each one and scribble info down; either it’ll turn into a complete outline or it’ll show it needs some more brain-simmering time. It’s not writing, but it’s a step in the right direction, I think.

Writing outside of Nano give me a lot of anxiety, just one of those fun little aspects of life. It’s like stepping onto a rooftop and realizing it’s covered with fog and I can’t see the edges. But outlining gives me a lot less stress; it makes it feel like I’ve got some direction, rather than just floating, or falling, away.

On to the outlines.

So far I’ve done up two outlines for older stories, and it’s fascinating how much I remember of the original idea, but also how much I could see that needed tweaking. Though I’m only doing very simple outlines, I’m already creating better flow, and solidifying weak points that I hadn’t realized existed. I also have a more experience now of how a story arc should go, which helps a hell of a lot.

I’m also finding myself reinvested in writing the stories, now that I’ve been reminded of the vivid scenes I imagined, with new, clearer ideas added in. I was kind of afraid the old idea would be complete junk after a few* years sitting unwritten, but they actually have something.

10, quick practice by Miles-Johnston



*A few years, hahahaha. I dunno, does a decade count a as a ‘few years’?

Fangirling a little: Anne Bishop news

HEA gets to unveil the cover of book five in Anne Bishop’s Others series, Etched in Bone, which arrives in March 7, 2017. AND an excerpt! About the book: After a human uprising was brutally put down by the Elders—a primitive and lethal form of the Others—the few cities left under human control are far-flung.…

via Exclusive cover reveal and excerpt: ‘Etched in Bone’ by Anne Bishop — Happy Ever After