Urban Lite: the frustration continues

So I’ve read, or tried to read, several ‘mystical realism’ books, but none have given me the same thrill as Sarah Addison Allen’s books. Who knew I could be so picky?

What I’ve read:

  • The Sparrow Sisters – pretty good, hit a lot of the elements, I just didn’t like the male lead and I was far more interested in the other sisters, lol. 7/10
  • The Night Garden – better, I liked the characters and their flaws, but after 2/3 of the book, I found myself skipping to the end. 7.5/10
  • Season of the Dragonflies – meh. It started off with a lot of potential, but it didn’t pan out for me. I thought the characters were too thin, so often their actions seemed forced the deeper into the plot it got. 5/10
  • The Wishing Thread – pretty good, my main complaint is that I couldn’t quite steep myself in it; I kept being thrown by things that made me cringe a little. 8/10
  • The Dress Shop of Dreams – I wanted to like this, it’s got some great writing and interesting characters, but I just couldn’t finish it. No rating, as I suck.
  • When Autumn Leaves – this is urban fantasy, not mystical realism. I like urban fantasy, and this had a good ‘voice’,  but had too many elements and didn’t really follow up on any of them. 6/10
  • The Near Witch – fantasy novel again, not mystical realism. Also, TEEN fantasy novel. Not my cup of tea. No rating as I didn’t read past the first chapter.
  • The Lace Reader – This sort of fell at the end of my batch of books and I’d kinda run out of steam for the style, so I have to admit that while I read the first chapter, it just didn’t suck me in enough to renew it from the library before I had to return the stack. Someone else should read it and give it a rating!

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