NaNoWriMo: The Memoirs – 2012

Let’s see, 2012.

Midyear I lost my job*, so the start of my summer was full of the associated trauma. Shock, fear, and a couple of panic attacks later, I dove into the job search.


And I was very lucky; a handful of offices were actually hiring my skill set, and I found a new one job before I could really panic. It was far from a dream job, but it would pay the bills and it wasn’t too scary or overwhelming**.

I also lost the friends and social circle that got me that original job, though I’m of mixed feelings about just how bad that was. On the one hand, it was very upsetting at the time; I’d been uninvited to a wedding, which stung. On the other, I never really fit in with that crowd, who were mostly middle-class and whitebread, so I constantly felt like I really should have been writing an anthropological study instead of bonding.

I did get to take two weeks off that summer, before starting the new job, so that was really lovely. The rest of the year sort of passed in a blur of adapting to the new work, so NaNoWriMo sort of crept up on me.image

Instead of going with a plot I knew well, I decided to go with something fresh. I hadn’t done scifi since my first nano, so I gave it another go. My first was space opera, and this one was more scifi-noir; imagine The Big Sleep/Murder, My Sweet on a space station, and you’ll have an idea of what I was aiming for.


nanowinner.jpgI wouldn’t say it was an amazing success, but it didn’t completely suck either, lol***.  The downside of writing scifi is that you can’t quite make it all up as you go along; well, you can, but it’s tricky. I stuck to the lighter side, doing a bit of a space opera in addition to the noir (because I can’t help it, space opera is fun!), so I managed to carry the story along to the 50,000 mark. Yay!


*Funny (not really) story, we were at the monthly meeting (where tasks and projects are assigned) and I found out I was being let go as everyone else got assignments except for me; the pointed looks were also a big hint. I suppose that’s what you get for arguing with the boss’s daughter, who was also a coworker.

**I’m actually still at this job, yay for stable employment!

***It wasn’t quite Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, but it was getting there, and not in a good way, alas.



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