Urban Lite; the Journey Continues

I’ve been reading more books, and totally failing to find what I want, lol.

Most of what seems promising based on the jacket blurb turns out to be urban fantasy, just more urban than fantasy. I did watch an old favourite, Enchanted April, which mostly fits the bill, and the novel is on project gutenberg, so I’ve got that to read, but so far, no good.

On the plus side, I’ve found that this genre has a better name; mystical realism.  I’m not 100% a fan of it, but it’s better than mislabeling it as magical realism.


2 thoughts on “Urban Lite; the Journey Continues

  1. You’d consider Enchanted April to have fantasy elements? Interesting; I didn’t see it that way at all. Just very romantic. But I can see what you’re saying here. Mystical realism, eh? Shall look into that.

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    • Sorry to take so long replying, I’ve been an internet hermit for the last week, lol.

      In Enchanted April, Lottie ‘knows’ things about people, and even a bit about the future. You could argue that it’s wishful thinking that turned out the right way, but it’s just as easy to think of as magical.


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