May 16, 2016

I spent the weekend doing intensive cleaning stuff about the house, which should tell you a bit about how boring it’s been, not writing.

And yet, I don’t really want to write just now. It’s not that I don’t have ideas, it’s just the thought of putting them down makes me want to run away screaming. So, no writing.

However, it occurred to me today, that I could dabble with some light editing again. I’ve got the next chunk of my Sons of Eld written, and though I need to go back and whip up a scene to add to an earlier chapter, the rest of it is mostly just cleaning up the rough draft I’ve already got. It’s not polished, and even the light fixes I have in mind won’t change that; the story needs a serious going thru, start to almost-finish, and I can already see entire bits that are going to have to be redone.

But that’s for later, or possibly never, lol. For now, I can ignore the glaringly obvious flaws, bypass the bits that don’t really work, and just clean it up so I can finally post it to Wattpad.

盗贼 by zhang bo



One thought on “May 16, 2016

  1. I like that painting. It’s a warrior girl wearing clothes & armour that look like they would actually be of use in a fight (as opposed to the metal bikinis that’re so common in video games), and she looks like she’s actually been in a fight – you know, like, exhausted.

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