Needles in the Haystack

Trying to find new ‘magical lite’ books à la Sarah Addison Allen is proving a bit of a challenge. The first handful of books I borrowed from the library, based on recommendations from a library associated website, was a complete miss. Some were okay, all were ‘chick lit’, and none had a drop of magic to them.


Next batch is based off of goodreads recommendations, so once I read them, I’ll post about it. Hopefully I’ll have better news!

3 thoughts on “Needles in the Haystack

  1. No idea what Sarah Addison Allen is like, but one series I loved is Shanna Swendson’s “Enchanted Inc.”. I’d call it light fantasy, and it’s kind of chick lit style, but with plenty of magic (urban fantasy, really, but more in the Harry Potter vein than the standard chick lit with guys with rippling chest muscles). And it’s funny.

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  2. Lol, I don’t think you’ve read a lot of chick lit, if you think there’s a lot of rippling chest muscles! Though that may just be that my interests make me tend to avoid that kind. Anyway, SA Allen is more like Alice Hoffman (Practical Magic), but with more humour. Will definitely check out Enchanted Inc. (and see if I’ve read it already; I often forget books if they don’t ‘zing’ for me).


    • LOL, yeah, no, not read a lot of that stuff. Just meant to say, there’s not a heavy emphasis on getting a boyfriend and the comcomitant heart palpitations.
      Basic premise is there’s a young woman called Katie who lives in New York and gets recruited by Enchanted Inc., which is pretty much the Ministry of Magic. But nobody can see the magic because they’re all under a spell not to – except for Katie, who’s a magical immune (kind of a Muggle Squared), so the magical folk need her to run security. It’s lots of fun and great characters.


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