Readers who cheat

First time I’ve reblogged something, but seriously, WTF is up with some readers? Just because you’re poor (an edge I’m constantly teetering on, and have sometimes gone over) doesn’t mean you should act like an asshole.

On April 26th, I bought Leanna Renee Hieber’s Strangely Beautiful on my Kindle Fire. On May 2nd, I still had the option to return it. I’m not a fast reader, and honestly, I haven’t even cracked it open yet (I read it years ago, before it went out of print, and desperately needed it in my library…

via Purchased by accident? Cancel Order — Trout Nation

6 thoughts on “Readers who cheat

  1. Wtf people?! I don’t have a huge budget for entertainment so you know what I do? I go to the library. I haunt rummage sales and thrift shops. I do the occasional splurge so I can pay the authors a little something, you know? I’ve even agreed to copy edit for friends. I’ve steadily been reading my way through the women on project Gutenberg.

    If I ever won the lotto, I’d continue to live in a small house I could manage, but my book and movie spending would explode, as would my travel budget.

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    • My thought exactly – hello, *library*? I mean, you should be able to return books to Amazon – we’ve all clicked a button by mistake, or grabbed the wrong book we didn’t actually want. But it could be restricted to, say, within 24hrs after the purchase; I think anyone can figure out in that time period that they’ve made a mistake. And that’s the *only* reason to return an ebook. If you don’t like it, uh, what do you think that “look inside” feature is for?

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      • I’m reminded of the bit about getting books to return to the library in Mirrormask. You have to convince them you don’t want them. And it’s a fun bit of escapism where everything will turn out fine in the end and the main character will win her way home through Important Realizations. But I sometimes think that people believe that writers are magical creatures who just sort of wave a hand and **POOF** hey presto! There you are!

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