Of Epic Proportions

No, my April nano story’s not a disaster. Though it is rather messy.

But it feels like it goes on and on forever without ever actually getting to the dammed point.

I think this is just a skewed perception, as I’m about halfway ish through this story, about 55k of words, all rough draft. So really, it’s not as huge an amount as it feels like. Another 55k or so of words might actually get me to the end! I know that modern novels tend to be about 80k, so it’s long, but not insanely so. And after the dreaded editing process, it might be shorter.

I’m just glad I’m being anxious over a dumb thing; I never thought of myself as a epic-style writer. I hated Beowulf in college*, waded my way through Dostoevsky, and various other weighty tomes.


*loathed it with all my heart, I’m afraid.


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