Post nano-itis

It feels weird not to be writing.

I mean, I’m enjoying not having to write, like, a LOT. But it doesn’t stop my brain from working on stuff. Of course, the stuff I’m musing on has nothing to do with the story I was writing for April, but still! Writerly stuff in my brain!

But I also feel guilty. I still haven’t finished the dammed story, which is annoying. I’m about, halfway ish? It’s hard to tell, as chapters have appeared that were never in the original outline, so I figure there will be more later on as well. I feel like it’s all taking forever. Ugh.

Life when I’m not writing is full of stuff I’d rather avoid, you know? Shopping lists, broken things I’ve been putting off fixing, bureaucratic stuff I’ve been procrastinating on*, etc. At least when I’m writing, I can say, ‘I can’t do X now, I’ll do that next month’, only it’s now next month, and stuff must get done.

Nyxborn Wolf by LucasGraciano



*No, not my taxes. Thanks to excellent software and a few years doing tax returns in an accountant’s office, it was easy and I filed early. Mwahahaha.



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