Things I want to do instead of writing

  • delete music I no longer like or have duplicates of
  • read
  • watch a dumb reality show
  • pick my fav cake recipe (I don’t bake)
  • clean my underwear drawer
  • vacuum
  • put all my books away
  • dust all my books
  • play solitaire
  • look at online degrees I don’t actually want to get
  • reblog stuff on tumblr

4 thoughts on “Things I want to do instead of writing

  1. I do things like search Pinterest for something saying ‘Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time’, print it out, frame it and hang it on the wall to inspire me to Get On With It.


  2. Ammonitey, hi! How’s it going, fellow non-blogger? 😉

    Hmm, my list of Things:

    Checking DeviantArt for comments
    Trawling Google/Pinterest for pics
    Making pics of the Pirate King or the Captain
    Commenting on other people’s blogs
    Knitting (a bit)
    Rescuing balls of yarn from Phoebes

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  3. Hah! Instead of writing I read blog posts…like this one which makes me feel pretty good! Hmmm, let’s be honest though…I grog around on Ebay and Amazon. I read. I sit and stare out at the backyard…I’m really into that one. I THINK about writing…a lot.

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