Another update

I’ve gotten behind on blogging, which is a sign of anxiety, I think.

Anyway, I’ve been in a cycle of not writing for days, and then pushing out the wordcount I need in bursts that keep me up way too late into the night. Reluctance, anxiety, blah blah blah. All stuff that keeps hitting me and I have to stop for a bit, then struggle to get back into it.

You can have NO idea how much I’m looking forward to the end of April!

I’m more or less where I’m supposed to be though, which is nice if surprising.

I think part of my struggle is the desire to fix things. I’m looking at the frantically thrown out words I’m writing, and all I can think about is how I got it wrong. But I’m being smart; instead of going back and rewriting things, I’m keeping a list of the areas I don’t think are right and what I think the proper tone/missing bit is.

Arcana by Charlie-Bowater



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