Apr. 20 & 21

I managed to get a fair bit done yesterday, and caught up with my wordcount, which was good as I didn’t do a lick of writing today. I had a headache for most of the day. I’m not sure if it was a standard stress headache, or being tired from staying up too dammed late every night writing to catch up.

So I did other stuff. I read a book, chatted with family, put together some puzzles, and now I’m going to bed, a full hour earlier than I’ve managed all week.

I just wanted to think of things other than my story for a bit, things that were fun and distracting, and not anxiety inducing. I have the weekend off, and I’ll be able to, at least theoretically, catch up again.

The story itself is moving well. I’m about… half way through, which is further than I dared to hope, lol. I have been thinking about ending the story sooner than planned, and writing the rest of it later, but reading through it, I find it flows a lot faster than it seems.

I met up with a fellow nano’er (she’s local, hi!) and had a good coffee catch up. Talking with her reminded me that you can’t really parse out what your novel looks like while you’re writing it. This is a somewhat novel concept for me, since I don’t normally finish stories, never mind move on to the editing process.

You’d think, ‘hey, actually writing it here’, that it’d be easy to see the structure of it, but it’s really not. I tend to write fairly linearly, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s sort of like putting up the framing of a house. It’s just a basic structure, and you might decide to put in a second bathroom, after all, once you can step back and look at what you’ve nailed together. I’m pleased this idea is finally, finally seeping into my stubborn head, and that it doesn’t fill me with dread.

Anyway, I’m feeling better (emotionally), and slightly better (headache-wise), so hopefully I’ll get shit done this weekend!


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