Day 2 of stress

It’s the 2nd of 3 days in a row of dealing with someone I prefer to avoid, and the stress makes me want to curl up in a ball and sleep.


So hard to write, its not an escape at the moment, because I have this person in my head, and its totally antithetical to the writing. I’m in the middle of happy stuff, setting the scene so that when it all gets hit with a crisis later on, it has more impact.

Writing happy stuff when I’m mired in Crappy Stuff is hard. I want to feel the joy as I write the happy stuff, not feel like crap and try to do it anyway. When I did try to write the happy stuff and be happy, it screwed with my head while dealing with the Crappy Stuff because I wasn’t in the right mindset.

I’m going to try to jump over the happy stuff, and write some of the crisis stuff, see if it suits where I am in my head more.

UPDATE: Writing later, grimmer stuff worked. Yay.



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