Lies we tell ourselves

There are lot of myths we as writers tell ourselves, and which we take as orthodox about how we write.

“I can only write linearly. Scene by scene, otherwise it doesn’t work.”

“I need the right music, otherwise I’m thrown out of the story.”

“I need perfect silence to write.”

“I need inspirational art so I can see the story.”

I think a lot of this is about comfort. We get comfortable with a certain method, so we stick to it, through thick or thin. We ‘know’ what works, what doesn’t, and so we don’t have to challenge ourselves. And I think this eventually, often inevitably, leads to getting in a rut.

So when I get stuck (as I often do), I like to pretend I’m in a writing class/workshop. We, the imaginary class, get assignments that involve trying things we’ve never done before (word prompts, genre changes, the interwebs is full of stuff to try). And so I do the New Thing.

One of two things happen. I really enjoy the New Thing, and add it to my arsenal. Or I really hate the New Thing, and my fiery loathing goads me into writing just to spite it*.

It’s rarely the second, lol.

Digital artwork by Gidiminas Pranckevicius



*I may just be a wee bit immature, on occasion.




4 thoughts on “Lies we tell ourselves

  1. Heh, so you know how we didn’t get to doing coffee this week? I’m sitting in Starbucks as I read this. So I guess I went to the coffee shop with you after all. (Great post, BTW.)

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  2. I would Not Want to live in that building! O.O

    You’re spot on about having to have everything just so to write, and it ending up as stopping us writing. I was very much like that (though it’s blogging, not fiction) when I used my pc. No noise, don’t talk to me, etc, etc. Now I write on the ipad and am in different locations, and those rules don’t really apply. Not the same as deliberately breaking out of the rut, but similar effect. I wouldn’t have believed a couple of years ago Mr D and I could write while on a train!

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  3. Totally agree. The comfort issue is real. That’s why I go meandering all over the house from time to time to find my “writing spot.” Right now it’s “spots.” I have to write on the back porch…no wait it’s a bit cold out here so I haul everything upstairs to my quiet study…I end up looking out the window. I finally settle in the spare bedroom…downstairs…ah perfect. Thanks for the post. 🙂


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