April 2 – 4, 2016

I really love writing during nanowrimos. So far, this camp has been going really well, and I’m ahead of schedule  (which means nothing at this point).

The story is really meandering, but as the folks in my cabin reminded me today, big and messy is good. In my head, the scene should only last a few paragraphs, but by the time I write it, it goes on and on and on, lol. I’m beginning to think that my original story arc is too big for a single novel*, given the way its pacing itself. I’ll just have to write it all and see!

One of the things I love about writing, is how new ideas or scenes will pop up while writing. Like, a phrase I’ve typed will trigger an association, and suddenly I know how one of the villains dies. Or I’m be moderately unhappy with what I’m creating, but something in it will inspire the right setting/dialogue/etc.


*Yes, I know I’ve explained before how I don’t intend to publish. But I might want to share it with friends, so it has to be readable. Plus, I really like the idea of doing fully finishing things, and that includes editing. Dammit. Oh, and I might have kinda sorta promised my mother I’d actually get something done up in print. Ahem.



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