Prepping, Mar. 30, 2016

I am tentatively optimistic! Last night was a good night, even though I didn’t have to do much. Or maybe especially because I didn’t, lol.

I picked this particular unfinished nano novel largely because I still have a lot of the story in my head, but even better, I still have the original outline! And I had forgotten, but I had written the original in Scrivener, which makes adding the new stuff *so* much easier.

And to figure out where I’d left off the story, I read the last chapter. And then the chapter before that, lol. There’s nothing like reading your own stuff and thinking, ‘hey, this is pretty good!’

My only dismay was at the fact that despite having already written 50k words, I’ve only written a third of the story. I’m not sure another 25k will finish it.

Sigh. I may be writing this one story for the rest of the nanos this year. Which isn’t really terrible, I just wanted to do more.

One thing at a time. I still have to get through April, after all!

Tentative Approach by gawki



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