Mar. 25, 2016

So I’ve been off and away from the interwebs for the last few days (this year’s annual family vacation), and won’t have much access till the 29th, so I haven’t been writing or plotting, lol. Or rather, no plotting related to what I’m going to be writing in April. The brain, even when on vacation, can’t stop dreaming.


Given the lack of computer time, I’ve pretty much decided on using the April camp to work on an unfinished nano. I know the story and it’ll be fun. Hopefully.

I have decided that instead of doing a different, new story in the second nano camp as well as another new story for the actual nanowrimo, I’ll try to do one story for both; combined, the July and November nanos will give me 75,000 words, which is most of a novel. And by adding 25k to an older ‘winning’ 50k novel in April, I could manage to have almost two rough drafts done this year!

A little scary, when you think about it. 😉

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