Appreciation failure

I really hate it when everyone else and their cat loves loves LOVES a book, and I didn’t. I feel like I’m exposing a moral failure whenever this happens. I think, what’s wrong with me? Why didn’t this book wow me the way it did everyone else? What critical human element am I missing, that makes me indifferent to this story?

And I’m not including books I feel have critical feelings about*; those I feel justified in not caring for / actively disliking.

No, I mean the books that really have nothing wrong with them, I just didn’t like them. Or found them boring. Or gave up after the first chapter because I didn’t get drawn into them.**

I know it isn’t really me. I know it’s just a quirk of human nature; we all like different things, and have varied reactions to art, and it’s all good and normal. And I know that it only seems like everyone else loves that book, and that there are probably others out there who felt indifferent or disliked it as much as I did.

I know all the reasonable, mature things. I just wanted to pout about it.


*I’ll happily post about books I disliked, I should probably do another such post soon!

**Lol, no, I’m not going to list all the books that made me feel stupid for not understanding the appeal. Too embarrassing.

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