The trauma of choice

As I mentioned in my last writing post, I was trying to decide what to write in April. I’d kind of decided on a partially written nano, as the smaller wordcount of April would be better suited to the needs of the story.

All settled, right?

Because I could, this morning I charted out the year in Excel (as one does, lol*), and the total words I’m aiming for this year is 100,000. And it occurred to me that that is a great total for a completed rough draft (room to cut!).

A completed rough draft. Something I’ve not managed to do since the very first time I did nano (2005**).

Argh! Ack. Eek.

So now I’m feeling anxious and a bit dizzy with possibility. Write three different stories, one per nano event, or one story, and possibly have a rough draft finished by the end of November?

Hoo, boy. Gonna have to think about this!


*I know, I’m a wee bit obsessed with spreadsheets. They’re just so dammed handy!

**I’ve learned quite a bit about writing since that train wreck. At least, I’d like to think so.


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