Picking the right plot bunny


They’re all so cute, so tempting, so cuddly! How do you pick just one?

That’s a really individual thing to answer, lol. And it can be a real learning curve. One of the results of last year’s nanowrimo (the November one!) was that I can’t pick up an old nano story and write the rest of it during another nano. I like having more time to work at it, plus it’s more finicky, as I try to line up story threads with new directions. I ended up having to call a halt to it and work on bits and pieces as inspiration struck.

That said, my wordcount goal for April is going to be 25,000, which at half the normal for nanowrimo, means I have that extra time for nitpickiness. Theoretically. (Which means instead of shortening my choice list, it just makes them all possible).

The strange thing is, I know what I’m writing in November. I know what I want to write in July (2nd nano camp!). It’s just this one, only two weeks away, that I can’t decide on.

So. I must be decisive. I must have a story that:

  1. I know, more or less, the entire plot. No point writing myself into a corner. I don’t pants (a term that means writing ‘by the seat of one’s pants’, or inventing the story as you go along). I tried it. It made me panic, and that sucked.
  2. I can picture scenes in my head. If I can’t, it won’t flow.
  3. I feel a burning need to write it. Some stories aren’t cooked enough yet; they’re happy to simmer along more. Some feel ‘ready’, and need to be written. Of course, some feel ready, but aren’t. Sigh. I’m learning to tell the difference!

Not the most decisive list. Okay. What else…

  • I know the ending (this is a handy thing).
  • I know who the antagonist is (I often forget to figure this out, lol)

Okay, will have to think on this some more.

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