Mar. 14, 2016

So as I mentioned, I haven’t been doing a lot of active work on my plot idea for April nano; and last night, after I’d posted about that, I was looking at the ideas I’d been developing and found them too divergent from the original idea.

I tend to not develop the secondary characters very well, focusing on the MC, so I was trying to figure out the 2nd most important character’s motivation. The ideas, while interesting, were eventually too awkward for this story. Might deserve a story of their own, though, so I’m saving it.

The meandering and sluggishness of the story development have me concerned, so I may be putting it on hold and work on something I know more thoroughly for April.

I haven’t quite completely been slacking off. One thing I’ve been doing is writing out paragraph long blurbs of what each of my backlogged stories are about. Normally I just write out a few descriptive words, but more than once I’ve had to ponder what the hell I meant, lol. So, blurbs.

The process has been really helpful to me, as I look over what I’ve just written, and can tell if it’s a full novel or a short story. I can also get a better handle on which ones are fully developed, and which ones still need more brain time.

Sky Lanterns by wlop


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