Off topic rant

Normally I try to stick to talking about writing or reading. I love writing and reading, so that works for me.

But I have a new coworker who is incredibly fucking annoying, and I want to vent. In public, because I cannot tell them off in person, lol, and muttering at friends about it seems like a cruel thing to do to my friends. Instead I’ll inflict the world. Mwahahah.

New coworker, while not an outright asshat, has a series of incredibly annoying habits. They whistle, hum, suck on their dentures*, tap fingers, breath heavily into the phone. They also smoke rather vile cigarettes in the main entrance way, so anyone entering the door has to get up close and personal (they never move away) and through the nasty smoke. I wouldn’t mind quite as much if it was ordinary smoke (though the lack of personal space pisses me off), but it’s not. It’s crappy, dried out, cheap shit**. I told coworker off, the last time they did it, especially pissed off as I had Eldest child with me.

All of these, mixed with the standard newbie annoyances, are driving me up the wall. And not in a good way. I can tune most shit out, but not whistling. Not the impatient tapping of fingers. Grrrr. Argh. I’m grateful I don’t have to work in the same room as this person, but I encounter them more than enough to be irritated daily. And I have to answer the phone all the time, so earplugs aren’t an option.

I feel like my personal space is being invaded, and I don’t like it.



*My grandmother had dentures, and we lived with her when I was a child. I know all the sounds that can be made with them. Not that she did it all the time, thankfully! New coworker both sucks on their teeth, and does the weird ‘move the dentures around and resetting them squishily’ thing. Both are annoying noises.

**Still not as vile as the turkish ciggies one friend once smoked. Ugh.


3 thoughts on “Off topic rant

  1. Ack, yeah. And once you’ve found yourself irritated by these things, it becomes impossible to ignore them. Maybe you could start thinking about how you could put this person in a book as the antagonist…

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