Tossing the plans out the window

So, because I’m doing the April nano camp, I’m not going to do any writing this month, and dammed if that doesn’t feel good, lol. Taking myself off the hook has really eased tension I didn’t realize I was carrying.

I’ve been trying to turn myself from a once-a-year marathoner into a daily jogger, and it hasn’t been working all that well. Probably because my writerly muscles are not in shape. So I’m going to be sensible, and pace myself better.

With the the impetus of the April nano, I’m going to take things even easier, despite what the critic in my head says, and try out plotting/dreaming/creating for a month (or so) and then spending a month writing. Right now, that means the rest of March is for plotting out what I will write in April.

May will probably be half writing, half plotting, with June being all plotting in preparation for the July nano. I’m trying not to think much beyond that; I don’t want to jinx myself.

Having something to look forward to (the nanowrimo camps in April and July), really helps get my butt in gear. I hadn’t taken that into consideration (duh), but I’ve always had a lot of trouble inspiring myself on my own. Clearly I should have been paying more attention to that.


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