Still not a book review

Four more days till Marked in Flesh is officially released, so I won’t talk about it. Other than to admit I’ve already read it twice, lol; once to just devour it, and the second time a bit more slowly to absorb it.*

I did the same thing when I first read the first book, Written in Red.

I’m going to talk about some thoughts I have on the series, instead.

While waiting for the newest book, I ran across an old review of the first one. Boy did the OP hate the book. It was kind of shocking actually. The review** skipped over everything important in the book, pointed out obvious things as though they were flaws, and misrepresented some things. Needless to say, I was all ‘grr, idiot reviewer’ at first. But I kept rolling it over in my head. Why misrepresent it? Why compare it to standard urban fantasy/romance? Most in that genre are the real world with a twist. This series was something entirely different.

I had read other Anne Bishop books, and enjoyed them, but not quite enough to buy them all. So when Written in Red came out, I followed my standard practice and borrowed it from the library. When I read the prologue, I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down. I read the book twice. When I had to return it, I went out and bought it. And it wasn’t too long before I read it again, lol. As each new book came along, it added depth and examined serious issues. Some parts made me furious; others made me cry. So when I read the review, I was dumbfounded.

And it finally dawned on me that the main premise of the series was too disturbing to the reviewer. For those who haven’t read any of it, the prologue sets up the ‘what if’ of the books. ‘What if humans weren’t the dominant species? What if they had never been dominant, and, even more vitally, never would be?’***

The thing that had hooked me was the very thing that the reviewer hated with a passion. And one that they couldn’t voice, though I’m not sure why. Maybe the idea of a non human-centric world is too frightening for them, but they were too embarrassed to admit it. Maybe they couldn’t admit to themselves why they didn’t like the book, so they poked at dumb things because they were too shallow to admit the truth.


*I’m a fast reader, but not that fast; it’s only because we had to close the office yesterday (computer issues) that I had enough time to finish the 2nd reading.

**I’m not going to link it. It’s 3 years old, and the reviewer doesn’t deserve any site hits.

***Here’s a link to the author’s own words about the series.

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