Prepping, Mar. 30, 2016

I am tentatively optimistic! Last night was a good night, even though I didn’t have to do much. Or maybe especially because I didn’t, lol.

I picked this particular unfinished nano novel largely because I still have a lot of the story in my head, but even better, I still have the original outline! And I had forgotten, but I had written the original in Scrivener, which makes adding the new stuff *so* much easier.

And to figure out where I’d left off the story, I read the last chapter. And then the chapter before that, lol. There’s nothing like reading your own stuff and thinking, ‘hey, this is pretty good!’

My only dismay was at the fact that despite having already written 50k words, I’ve only written a third of the story. I’m not sure another 25k will finish it.

Sigh. I may be writing this one story for the rest of the nanos this year. Which isn’t really terrible, I just wanted to do more.

One thing at a time. I still have to get through April, after all!

Tentative Approach by gawki



Foolish before April

It’s already March 30th?!?!? Well, hell, where did the month go?

This is what I get for agreeing to move my annual vacation from August to March, lol. Guess I better get to work on prepping for the April Camp, before panic overwhelms me. An outline is my lifeline while writing; it keeps me on track, without confining me too much. An outline can always be modified, but having one prevents me from devolving into random scene writing that fails to forward the plot.

Well, at least I know what I’m doing tonight after work!

Catching up

Still away from a decent pc (how anyone types on these dammed laptop keyboards is beyond me, i’m fucking up all the time, and none of the keys are in the right spots), desperately behind on my blog reading (days behind, lol, so I’ve got over a 100 to at least peek at), so just a quick post.

I got in the cabin! Yay! Haven’t had time to do more than check on that, lol. Kind of nervous, but it’ll be fine. I hope.

Still no actual outline done. I may actually have to work on that tomorrow. Sigh.

Happy easter to those who celebrate it; much chocolate and alcohol was ingested here, so I’ll consider it successful.


Mar. 25, 2016

So I’ve been off and away from the interwebs for the last few days (this year’s annual family vacation), and won’t have much access till the 29th, so I haven’t been writing or plotting, lol. Or rather, no plotting related to what I’m going to be writing in April. The brain, even when on vacation, can’t stop dreaming.


Given the lack of computer time, I’ve pretty much decided on using the April camp to work on an unfinished nano. I know the story and it’ll be fun. Hopefully.

I have decided that instead of doing a different, new story in the second nano camp as well as another new story for the actual nanowrimo, I’ll try to do one story for both; combined, the July and November nanos will give me 75,000 words, which is most of a novel. And by adding 25k to an older ‘winning’ 50k novel in April, I could manage to have almost two rough drafts done this year!

A little scary, when you think about it. 😉

Appreciation failure

I really hate it when everyone else and their cat loves loves LOVES a book, and I didn’t. I feel like I’m exposing a moral failure whenever this happens. I think, what’s wrong with me? Why didn’t this book wow me the way it did everyone else? What critical human element am I missing, that makes me indifferent to this story?

And I’m not including books I feel have critical feelings about*; those I feel justified in not caring for / actively disliking.

No, I mean the books that really have nothing wrong with them, I just didn’t like them. Or found them boring. Or gave up after the first chapter because I didn’t get drawn into them.**

I know it isn’t really me. I know it’s just a quirk of human nature; we all like different things, and have varied reactions to art, and it’s all good and normal. And I know that it only seems like everyone else loves that book, and that there are probably others out there who felt indifferent or disliked it as much as I did.

I know all the reasonable, mature things. I just wanted to pout about it.


*I’ll happily post about books I disliked, I should probably do another such post soon!

**Lol, no, I’m not going to list all the books that made me feel stupid for not understanding the appeal. Too embarrassing.