Temporarily defeated

So, my scheme to write scenes randomly throughout the month of February has been a fairly complete failure, lol.

What worked marvelously for the latter half of nanowrimo didn’t work this time. I think I know why. The intense desperation to hit 50,000 words by any means necessary meant that any scene in my head was worth writing, just to get the wordcount up. Without the drive to ‘win’, randomly writing scenes just didn’t get me motivated enough to write.

I really hate that I need motivation to write. I wish I were more like those writers who talk about writing as a need, like breathing. The creative process of inventing ideas, sure, that comes to me all the time. Actually needing to write, though? Not so much.

I also failed to plot out an outline for February. After all, I thought, if I’m just writing scenes, who needs an outline (or one for each different story)?

Me, obviously.

So I’m going to spend the next few days outlining, and see how March goes for writing based on that.

Siege Craft by Hamsterfly


3 thoughts on “Temporarily defeated

  1. Well, that sounds like a pretty good plan to me. I’ve just sent out story #two and I’m about to send story #3 out in a few days and then move on to #4.

    I ain’t even got to the novel stage yet, so of course I’m mucho impressed. I mean your failure got me beat! Haw! I feel like that big ol beast up there in the picture…just keep lugging forward by god! We’re gonna make it!

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