Feb. 22, 2016

I managed some writing, though it’s all dialogue stuff, which means it takes me longer to write out than normal. I hate trying to get zippy dialogue written out; it never manages to go from what’s in my head to what’s on the page!

The time off from writing has been a bit of a good thing. I added depth to the scene that I’m working on, simply by replaying it over and over and over again in my head. Eventually, something new shook out, and now it’s more interesting.

I am a much slower writer than I thought I was. NaNoWriMo makes fools of us all, lol. I think the speed of my writing is directly tied to how much I care about the story; the more I care, the more I want to get it ‘right’ and the slower I am.

Which is foolish, I know. Rough drafts are supposed to be rough. I’m just struggling with my inner editor, who wants to start fixing things NOW.

shiva by Chaotic-Muffin



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