New books are like catnip

I was sad when I found out last November/December that two of my favourite authors, Wen Spencer and Ilona Andrews*, had had to delay the release of their new books by almost a year. Perfectly reasonable, but disappointing.

Fortunately, two other of my favourite authors have books coming out March 8th. Anne Bishop’s Marked in Flesh and Patricia Brigg’s Fire Touched will be out, and I almost can’t wait! If you haven’t read the other books in these series’, now’s a good time to start, lol.

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*Ilona Andrews is actually a husband/wife writing team, so technically that’s 3 writers, but if you’re going to go to the effort of combining your first names as a pen name, I’m going to refer to ‘you’ as one author.


5 thoughts on “New books are like catnip

  1. I agree! And I think it would be an interesting side book to write. She started to interest me when she met Anna, and blurted out her feelings.
    Also, one time I had a dream about her somehow severing the bond and going away to live alone and happy, and woke up dissappointed it never happened. So that might be a motivation 🙂

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