Jessica Jones ruined me for Daredevil

I probably shouldn’t have watched the two Netflix series out of order, but to be fair, originally I had no interest in watching either. It wasn’t until I had seen some really great reviews of JJ that I decided to watch it. Eventually. I still probably wouldn’t have seen it if it hadn’t been for Eldest rather cunningly putting it on in the background, drawing my attention and addicting me.

So it made sense that once I had finished watching JJ, I could go ‘back’ and watch DD. But I found myself losing interest halfway through. It took me a bit, but finally I realized that the things I love about JJ  aren’t in DD.

DD has the standard masked vigilante plotline, with some better scripting and acting, but still, under it all, it’s the same standard comic book plot. The women are people (a plus), but both women on team DD are supportive caregivers while the woman on team evil is, well, a fucking awesome villain**, but we don’t see much of her. Oh, and the woman dating the evil lead villain is the basic romantic leading actress type, so I pretty much just want to smack her for being both a stereotype, and for thinking her gangster dude is somehow *different* from other gangster dudes. Blech. I know, she’s canon, but still!

JJ is a vengeance stalk*. JJ (season one, anyway) is driven, from beginning to end, by one force; Jessica must stop Kilgrave. Though there are lots of twists and turns, with surprises both good and bad, the story never stops moving toward that goal. I loved that, and wish more TV series could do this sort of thing.

I am really looking forward to season 2 of Jessica Jones. I want to see how she reacts, now that her raison d’être is gone.


*Apparently ‘vengeance stalk’ is a regionalism, since no where else in the world seems to use it. It’s a quest for vengeance, where the main character stalks their antagonist down like prey (fun role reversal, right?).

**SPOILER, so written in white: It’s the little old Chinese lady, who is both evil and kickass.


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