Feb. 14

Happy V-day, to those who celebrate it. I’m not much of a fan; I’ve been part of a couple and single on this popular holiday, and I tend to find I prefer the single side. Of course, I can say that, having at one point been in a couple; I do feel for my fellow peeps who still yearn for it. All I can say is, much like sex, it tends to be overrated if you don’t have the right partner. And if you do have the right partner, V-day is just one day amongst many.

Moving on.

I am having a horrible time trying to write. I sit in front of the computer and nothing comes together. I might as well be writing laundry lists. In fact, that would be more useful. I actually chose to do deep cleaning in my bedroom this weekend rather than attempt to write. Yes, it’s that bad.

It’s not about inspiration, or story, or anything else. I just can’t seem to find the drive to write. I can’t tell if I’m giving myself too much space (to be creative) or if I’ve expecting too much.

I’m debating whether I should try to set a daily writing schedule, to reduce the ‘space’ I’ve given myself, or if I should just quit trying for the rest of the month, and see if I have more juice in March.

As much as I want to do the second, I should probably try the first. Dammit. So much work!


One thought on “Feb. 14

  1. I feel you on this! It describes my response to writing or wanting to write so often, even when I won’t have to put in any creative effort because channelling. Strange, isn’t it? I wonder, do you think it’s an anxiety thing? You suffer from that far more than I do. You also have far more creative drive – creating stories from nowt – I wonder if they go together?

    Eh, I’m rambling. Vibes.

    You’re spot on about Valentine’s. I used to dislike it (still do dislike the commercialism). Now as far as t’other side is concerned, Mr D is likely to go all Valentiney any day, lol.

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