Jan. 8, 2016

I wrote yesterday; I made up for several of the days when I wrote absolutely nothing, so yay! That particular story is going in fits and starts, but I’ve got a fair bit to go before I run out of plotline, so I think it’ll be good for my February wordcount.

Another story, though, is pushing in my brain but refuses to be put down on paper. It’s extremely frustrating, and is the primary reason I haven’t been writing. It’s on the tip of my brain, ready to go, but when I put my fingers on the keyboard, nothing comes out. Or if it does, it feels WRONG. Like the words are twisted and headed in the wrong direction. So I’m ignoring that story, as it seems to need more percolating, and sticking to the stuff that really is flowing. Even though I really, really want to write that other story.

I think part of it is that I have to acknowledge that it’ll be one of those stories where you have to discard the first 10,000 words because it was all crap, but I find the idea of actually having to write those 10,000 words of crap irritating. Why can’t I just jump to the good stuff? Obviously I’m really obsessing about this story, which probably isn’t good, but I’m finding myself drawn to it, despite knowing I should let it rest. Sigh.

Tonight I’m going to a local writers’ thing; hopefully it will be fun. Though I will be thinking of the writing I’m not doing because of it, lol.

Moss Crawlers by drachenmagier




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