Feb. 1, 2016

572 words written today. Yay for going over my minimum, lol. I probably would have written more, but I had trouble getting time on my own dammed computer. Kids. Even now that they both have their own computers, apparently mine is still the go-to device in the house.

I also spent too much time googling pictures for inspiration; with Scrivener’s nifty options, I can have character ‘pics’ up next to my writing doc, but unfortunately there is no handy website where writers can go and look for that perfect picture. Or if there is, no one has bothered to mention it to me. Grr.

There is, however, a cafe name generator. I’m always amazed at all the resources that are actually out there these days; there’s pretty much nothing you can’t google your way to eventually.

Fingers crossed I actually manage to gain control of my pc earlier in the evening, as I’d kind of like to be able to feel like I’m not rushing the clock just to get my wordcount in and still manage to get enough sleep at night.

The Night is Coming by IrenHorrors




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