Plotting, Feb. 29th

I think I know why my writing dried up. The plots have huge holes in them!


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Plot Derails #3

Bored Characters

Sometimes things go off the rails when the characters get bored. You’re in the process of getting them from plot point A to plot point B, and while you’re transitioning, they decide to go off in a different direction.

Sometimes this happens because the way you’re getting between the major plot items isn’t their thing. Sometimes it’s because they loathe the next plot point and will do anything to avoid it. Whatever the cause, you will often find yourself with characters who have turned the car into the parking lot of the nearest Denny’s and are about to rain down their own variety of madness on the poor, overworked locals.

It tends to happen to me when the main characters’ personalities don’t quite mesh up with the story plot. The question then becomes, do I change the characters, or the plot? Is there anything I can do to save it all?

This is probably part of why I end up not finishing so many stories. I will have to think on this.

Temporarily defeated

So, my scheme to write scenes randomly throughout the month of February has been a fairly complete failure, lol.

What worked marvelously for the latter half of nanowrimo didn’t work this time. I think I know why. The intense desperation to hit 50,000 words by any means necessary meant that any scene in my head was worth writing, just to get the wordcount up. Without the drive to ‘win’, randomly writing scenes just didn’t get me motivated enough to write.

I really hate that I need motivation to write. I wish I were more like those writers who talk about writing as a need, like breathing. The creative process of inventing ideas, sure, that comes to me all the time. Actually needing to write, though? Not so much.

I also failed to plot out an outline for February. After all, I thought, if I’m just writing scenes, who needs an outline (or one for each different story)?

Me, obviously.

So I’m going to spend the next few days outlining, and see how March goes for writing based on that.

Siege Craft by Hamsterfly


Feb. 22, 2016

I managed some writing, though it’s all dialogue stuff, which means it takes me longer to write out than normal. I hate trying to get zippy dialogue written out; it never manages to go from what’s in my head to what’s on the page!

The time off from writing has been a bit of a good thing. I added depth to the scene that I’m working on, simply by replaying it over and over and over again in my head. Eventually, something new shook out, and now it’s more interesting.

I am a much slower writer than I thought I was. NaNoWriMo makes fools of us all, lol. I think the speed of my writing is directly tied to how much I care about the story; the more I care, the more I want to get it ‘right’ and the slower I am.

Which is foolish, I know. Rough drafts are supposed to be rough. I’m just struggling with my inner editor, who wants to start fixing things NOW.

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New books are like catnip

I was sad when I found out last November/December that two of my favourite authors, Wen Spencer and Ilona Andrews*, had had to delay the release of their new books by almost a year. Perfectly reasonable, but disappointing.

Fortunately, two other of my favourite authors have books coming out March 8th. Anne Bishop’s Marked in Flesh and Patricia Brigg’s Fire Touched will be out, and I almost can’t wait! If you haven’t read the other books in these series’, now’s a good time to start, lol.

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*Ilona Andrews is actually a husband/wife writing team, so technically that’s 3 writers, but if you’re going to go to the effort of combining your first names as a pen name, I’m going to refer to ‘you’ as one author.