Jan. 27, 2016

I’m really glad the month is almost over, because I’m feeling like I’m in limbo with my writing/blogging.

Stresses galore until this Friday, and I’m avoiding anything writerly in what I assume is a punishment to myself; I like writing. I like blogging. So why am I not doing it?

It’s complicated, lol. I have a long history of not doing the things I like for stupid reasons that basically amount to ‘I don’t deserve it’ mixed with ‘success is scary but failure is a familiar, safe thing’.

So having gotten to the point of acknowledging this, I’m blogging. I’m thinking about where to start writing again. I’m going to dabble in outlining. And I’m going to put down the books and avoid the apps so I can actually stop avoiding all the meaningful things I enjoy.

In the meantime, have this:


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